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The method by controlling the drum evenly intensive strike outs to chase a certain speed it is called roll-outs. (The concept of roll-outs on some foreign materials on roll-outs explanation is clicking and rolling complex known as strike-outs, but requires a complex strike-click speed and speed, while others are discussed separately, but in the end still a speed issue .) strengthening exercises are clicking and re-hit roll-outs can be achieved foundation. Roll-outs are not completely wrist, fingers and sometimes can also play a significant supporting role, and sometimes credit more fingers. But in the double jump roll-outs, single-hop roll-outs, the mere wrist control is also possible (plus finger some more effort).

International percussion Art Association (Percussive Arts Society; PAS) are summarized forty type snare drum basics (PAS 40 Essential Snare Drum Rudiments) an exhaustive list of the different types of roll-outs, so drummers can more systematically strengthen on the drum holding the master and proficiency.

Multihop roll outs (press play)

This approach is played by the wrist control and drum skin rebound combined method. This technique is very simple on the surface is actually very difficult to exercise, start first with your hammer on the drum skin drum repeatedly bouncing, and then to achieve uniform and in different legato playing, there are many techniques available not want to come so easy. Exercise the right way slower, requiring each and let the drum in the drum surface of the hammer fully control the drum shells hit and catch the bounce height until it stops, and back to the other hand perform the same exercises (here that is symmetric , the same as the standard type token), looking for shells hit the drumhead drumsticks in feeling. Practice to have struck several times in succession with the wrist when the control. Better to have a teacher's demonstration, there must be uniform intensity and rhythm stability.