The stick method
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In control: The main bar is held in three ways. They begin with an inertial effects of drumsticks between the two most important concepts that control and drumsticks drumsticks waving.

A straight wrist: left hand bars, like the thumb, index finger, middle finger pinch in drumsticks third place, ring finger and little finger of natural light stick together in the back, do not affect the movement of the rod, his hands palms facing, attention Hands symmetry and balance, drumsticks tapping point to the relative concentration. Timpani, marimba and other basic trapezoidal wrist with this method to play.

2, the standard formula: the right wrist as straight, left tiger's mouth clamped around a third of the local club from the end of the drum, and put on the ring finger and little finger joints after half grip, index finger and middle finger bend naturally, the whole hand semi fist shape. Palm inward. Stick to the jaws of death holding thumb and ring finger and little finger to lift up the rod, two drumsticks was about ninety degrees. Left hand to flip the power blow. Such wrist method is mainly used to play a snare drum, and drums playing method.

3, buckle wrist: the stick with a straight wrist roughly the same, but would like to look varus hands, palms facing down so that the two drumsticks focused on tapping point, the angle of ninety degrees around the two bars were. Malin Ba piano, celesta, drums, and an indoor play snare drum etc. wrist with this method.

Either way control drumsticks, subject to flexible use of arms, wrists and fingers, especially the wrist and fingers, so that your hands and drumsticks into one, naturally sports drumsticks, ease.