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Guitar (English: Guitar), and for the Guitar or Guitar. Belongs to the plucked instruments, usually six strings, shape similar to fiddle. The guitar in the pop music, rock music, blues, folk songs, Buddha lang Ming, is often seen as the main instrument. In the field of classical music, the guitar often performed in solo or duet type; Of course, in the chamber music and orchestral music, the guitar also plays a considerable role of foil.

Guitar, also translated guitar. Its panel and backplane are flat, piano waist generally hornless

The concave inside, classical guitar generally no depression. A neck width, length, means of nut and panel with many narrow slightly upwardly convex cross-metallic grid, called "products", which the strings into a number of semitone.

Guitars are used in a variety of musical styles, which in pop music, rock music, blues, folk, flamenco is often regarded as the main instrument. Guitar has also been used in classical music, there are plenty of solo, chamber and orchestral music in occasional use. It usually has six strings, but there are four strings, strings eight, ten and twelve string chord. Guitar There are two major categories: First, the historic, wooden resonance box amplifying acoustic guitar; Second, the twentieth century was invented to power amplifier amplifying the electric guitar. There are four acoustic guitar: Guitar plane (also called in Chinese folk guitar), arch guitar (aka jazz guitar), classical guitar and flamenco guitar. Acoustic guitar is usually used classical music, folk music and popular music. Electric guitars are usually used for rock music, blues and pop music. The invention of the electric guitar has an important influence on Western pop culture and music.

Another little known is the guitar family, the most "noble" of the classical guitar and violin, piano tied for the world famous three instruments.