A brief history of the guitar
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Guitar ancestors can be traced back to two or three thousand years BC, the ancient Egyptian resistance Farr, a variety of ancient Babylon and Persia plucked instruments. The oldest musical instrument similar to modern archaeologists found the guitar is the "Hittite guitar" living in northern Asia Minor and Syria, BC, site of the ancient Hittites gates on 1,400 years ago. 8-shaped bend of the guitar body determines the characteristic sound of the guitar is a musical instrument and musical resonance characteristics, which has become the most significant features of the guitar and other plucked instruments.

In the thirteenth century Spain, from the Persian word gradually evolved into Spanish guitar has been formed, at that time a wide variety of musical instruments, there have been "Margi he" and "Latin guitar." His piano body which Margi oval back muster, using metal strings, playing style of rough; Latin guitar piano and modern guitar body is shaped like 8 flat structure, the use of gut strings, elegant style.

Renaissance guitar heyday. Sixteenth century, four pairs of complex string guitar and its close relatives - with fingering Biwei La piano, playing and creative ways to reach a very high standard. Guitar and piano Biwei La loved not only by people, but also often become palace instrument. At that time the guitar, Biwei La masters of Milan, MacDonald 瓦埃斯, Muda La, and five seventeenth century Baroque guitar chord complex era master Sanz, Corbetta, Victoria competitions. Many of their works are still modern classical guitar repertoire immortal wealth. At that time notation method guitar, piano and other instruments 比维拉 is not used now read music, but with a horizontal line to represent the strings, which means that phonemes and fingering with numbers or letters, and now six lines used acoustic guitar Similar icons spectrum notation.

Was a famous lute Avenue Portland and Weiss, who works by the descendants of adaptation, occupies an important position in today's classical guitar repertoire. Monumental works of the great master of baroque music composed by Bach, such as cello, violin suite, sonata guitar transcriptions, with enduring value in classical guitar music. The late eighteenth century lute and harp 比维拉 gradually withdraw from the stage of history, five pairs of complex chords and subsequent six-string guitar for the complex has gradually completed their mission. After 1800, the new six-stringed guitar harmonies and facilitate its clear advantages tunings quickly got almost all of Europe's favor, the golden age of classical guitar has finally arrived. Early nineteenth century, the guitar was active in the music center in Paris, London, Vienna, as well as the most famous guitarist has Thor, Aguado, Giuliani, Karoly, and Carl Casey. In addition to which Saul and Giuliani is still an excellent guitar master musicians outside their outstanding talent with six string classical guitar, including concertos, including the creation of the first large-scale track, laid the foundation for the future development of the six-string guitar . In particular, in the creation of Thor inherited Haydn, Mozart's classical music tradition, in addition to writing operas, ballet music, but also for the creation of a large number of excellent guitar work includes system Etudes, tutorials, including, by music critic called "Guitar Music of Beethoven. "

The late nineteenth century, the famous guitar musicians Coste, Mertz, Kano, regon first so they created a lot of good guitar work have become a classic nineteenth-century guitar music. Guitars can flourish and achieve unprecedented glory in the twentieth century, in large part be attributed to the "father of modern guitar" guitar from making in-depth study of musical performance, playing techniques and other aspects of the track until taileijia and innovation.taileijia and his teacher Arcas has been working with luthiers Torres, and ultimately produced the piano body expanded, the volume increases, the musical performance is significantly improved modern classical guitar.

Guitar and piano became, as is widely loved violin elegant instrument became popular in the world, but also attracted many professional composers wrote a lot of high level of guitar music.