Drum Origins
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Drums (JAZZDRUMS) originated in the United States. It is a set of drum-based combination of percussion instruments. Designed for jazz accompaniment played by one person when starting.

"Sir," the word does not refer to the Legion of the British royal family, but an early African-American musicians name, full name, Sir wave Brown. The early American jazz music to entertain the lower forms of black people, when the famous black musicians playing, people often excited shouting, "Sir, come one!." Later, this music is so named because of the black singer. Traditionally called "jazz" was.

Juetu drum in appearance to the sub-bent on hanging like a lot of drums, drummers playing together very air, conspicuous, stereo drum cadence sonorous sounds. In China, people by its appearance and habit of calling it "drums", commonly known as the drummer playing "playing drums."

Jazz on the initial drum is very simple, only the army drum, snare drum and cymbal army. People stand on the ground of the army drum, snare drum put up their feet to kick drum sound, then a stick stuck in the ground, put up a military cymbals. Mid-19th century, the end of the American Civil War, singing and dancing from the disbanded army where blacks get a lot of musical instruments. If the size of a snare drum, cymbals cymbals, etc. (these instruments in jazz and later almost became the main instrument) to all kinds of talented black drum cymbals clever together, became the prototype of drums. They put troops on the ground drum placement of the stent, the configuration can be instigated a drumhead pedal. Then the snare drum and cymbal Army hung on both sides of the drum. In this way, a person can simultaneously manipulate multiple pieces of percussion. Later, through the development, improvement, and slowly evolved into modern drums. With the continuous development of jazz. Drummer technology continues to improve, and then meet the needs of simple devices and drummer of the band, then gradually mix in the percussion joined several remove snare drum and tom tom tom tom beat up, and drum, snare drum cross echoed very appealing, and later to the sound they emit named "tom" (TOM-TOM). China's habit of name is "tom tom" because tom tom drum-type system like a bucket, some also call it "tom." With the development of jazz, can even move the hi-hat also added in. Until the development of type system sound, easy to manipulate, with both sides of the drum, tom drum surface seven, eight or nine faces a cymbal percussion worldwide.