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Jazz drums is a very important non-pitch percussion instruments, which usually consists of a bass drum pedal (Bass Drum, also known as "kick drum"), a snare drum, tom toms more than two (Tom Composition-Tom Drum), one or two cymbal (Crash Cymbal), a rhythm cymbal (Ride Cymbal) and hi-hat with a pedal (Hi-Hat) and other parts. Of course, sometimes because of some will be added as needed to play cow bell, wooden fish, sand hammer, triangle, bell, no matter how many additional devices, are played by one person. Drummer drumstick hit with the parts to make it sound. Jazz commonly used wooden drumstick drumsticks, drum brushes made from the wire by a bundle of thin strips of wood and bind them in bundles stick.

Abbreviations: bass drum (BD), snare drum (SD), tom (TT), to tom drum (FT), step on the hairpin (HH), fried cymbals (CC), the ride cymbal (RS).

Drummer in the band holds the speed and rhythm of the music and other important aspects, especially in jazz, the drummer in particular the need to maintain a good working state with other musicians, such as drummer when "splitting" of which plays a very neat in a large role in the decision. Also in jazz, drum tone control, speed control, and control efforts are reflected important factor drummer skills.