Guitar Buying Guide
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Buy time to slowly pick, do not affect by the boss, no boss said his guitar is broken, will say good, multi-value, ignore him, of course, the whole guitar can satisfy all the conditions much, is not cheap, by their purchasing power, and slowly lower the standards it down, there is some guitar, the latter can be adjusted to improve the previous conditions, such as adjusting the neck, bridge, piano pillow, fingers resilience and so on.

(1) pitch is the core issue.

According to standard guitar tuning and pitch well after each chord pop a chord 12th fret is overtone, with the string if it is the first pitch of the same product, compared with 12 qualified. So in order to check six strings.

(2) Second, check the feel.

Make you feel bad Anxian forced to take improper methods, thus greatly hindered raise his left hand techniques. When the guitar tuned standard pitch, at the 14th character, string and fingerboard distance should be about 4 mm. Too high, according to the string will feel difficult, on the contrary will cause product to fight the phenomenon. Under good feel should be in the product and do not play any noise situation, left hand fingers can easily press any one sound, great cross by not feel effortless.

(3) Check the sound quality.

Play a chord fifth grade overtone resonance poor guitar often unable bright overtones. Then do a variety of efforts on the piano plucked, there should be a substantial change in the volume. Meanwhile, the better performance of the volume balance of each string guitar, pronunciation sensitive, bright and pure treble, bass deep and thick, high volume is not the position of decay.

(4) Check the other parts.

Look pegs gear is damaged, rotation is smooth, panels, dorsal plate if there is cracking, if the paint color is bright piano coordination. Most importantly, be sure to smooth frets, fingerboard edges can not draw hands. Also, an excellent guitarist had to know how to care for the guitar, what we called the "We must first sharpen his tools."