Foreign guitarist
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* Fernando Sor (Fernando Sor, 1778 (Reform Movement) -1839), Spanish guitar composer and performer.

* Francisco Tarrega (Francisco Tárrega, 1852 - 1909), Spanish guitar composer and performer.

* Andres Segovia (Andres Segovia, 1893 - 1987), Spanish guitarist.

* Yepes (Narciso Yepes ,1927-1997), the famous Spanish guitarist, musician, there are "Guitar bearer" reputation.

* Pepe Romero (Pepe Romero, 1944 was born on March 8, Malaga, Spain), Spanish guitarist, with its captivating interpretations and flawless technique and famous.

* B · B · King (BB King, formerly known as Riley B. King, 1925 年 9 16 -), American blues guitarist and songwriter. One of the greatest blues musicians, nicknamed "King of Blues" ("The King of Blues").

* Julian Bream (Julian Bream, 1933 -), British guitarist.

* John Christopher Williams (John Christopher Williams, 1941 -), Australian guitarist with "Guitar prince" reputation.

* Jimi Hendrix (James Marshall Hendrix), 1942 November 27, born in Seattle, Washington, was named the greatest guitarist of Rolling Stone magazine, Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury's idol, there can be a lot of interest find out.

* Jimmy Page (Jimmy Page), 1944 年 1 月 9 Mei Desai was born in the United Kingdom


Fox), Led Zeppelin's captain and guitarist, playing electric guitar double handle with skill position in rock history is that no one can match.

* Eric Patrick Clapton (Eric Patrick Clapton), Britain's greatest blues guitarist in 1945, was born in England on March 30, Suri.

* Tommy English Manuel, (Tommy Emmanuel) the world's top fingerstyle guru, Tommy unique playing style - he personally called simply "finger technique (finger style)"'s career has been over 45 years, and it constantly with top musicians from around the world have exchanges in Australia, he is a national treasure, Tommy has been on five continents with over tens of thousands of loyal fans.

* Steve Vai was born on June 6, 1960 in New York, Long Island, is one of the eighties and nineties of the most outstanding guitarists. A teenager he had studied at Joe Satriani, after entering the Berklee School of Music to learn, and came to Los Angeles at the age of 19.

* Joe Saiqi Ni (Joe Satriani) 1957 July 15, was born in New York on Long Island, he had finished 14th birthday soon, his hero Jimmy Handekesi died. Lost idol Joe decided to quit the football team picked up the guitar high. Self-three years later, Joe minor celebrity in the Long Island area, but also rock guitarist steve vai master.

* Ulli Bogershausen1954 was born in Germany, has 40 years of age piano although he is to show his steel-string guitar music, classical guitar sound of early music training, but also the performance of his music has a serious attitude and almost perfect performance.

* Oshio Kotaro (Kotaro Oshio) Domestic commonly known Oshio Sang 1968 Born in Osaka on February 1. Fingerstyle Guitar (Finger-style guitar) player. Pioneer of modern fingerstyle.